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Namdhari'S Fresh, Company
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With the Blessings of His Holiness Shri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, Namdhari Seeds has made a mark with itself in the Seed Industry widely as one of the largest distributors of vegetable seeds in India. Namdhari Seeds is also a leading Exporter of Vegetable and Flower seeds to Europe, Japan, U.S.A, Western Asia and South East Asia. We are also a proud recipient of Best Exporter Award from Govt. of Karnataka & Govt. of India and are designated as an "Export House". After the success in seed world, Namdharis have diversified into the production, distribution and export of fresh vegetables & fruits under the name "Namdhari's Fresh". Namdhari's Fresh is also involved in natural farming to produce and supply Organic Vegetables and Fruits in the International market with the blessings of His Holiness Shri Satguru Ji, who himself is a strong believer of organic farming. At present the EC directive is being followed and the produce is grown in an Environmentally Friendly way. The natural gift of suitable climate, availability of sufficient infrastructure, technical manpower and the applications of advanced technology in Production, Processing, Grading, Packing, storage, Transportation, Communication and with dedicated skilled laborers enables this company to produce and sell one of the best quality vegetables and fruits for Fresh Market to meet the International Standards. We are located in Bangalore, South India which is well known in the map of Horticulture having mild climate, which is suitable for producing diversified vegetables and fruits for most parts of the year, except some temperate vegetables. The recent up-gradation of Bangalore Airport to International status will ensure the product to reach the destination well in time.


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